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Promotion Of Festivals On a New Level
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  • The ideal platform to promote your festival to a vast and engaged audience.
    Telegram is a fast, secure, and feature-rich messaging app with over 500 million active users worldwide. Known for its emphasis on privacy and speed, Telegram offers innovative advertising solutions that ensure your festival gains the visibility it deserves.
  • Global Reach
    Over 500 million active users globally, with a diverse and engaged audience.
  • High Engagement
    Users spend a significant amount of time on Telegram, interacting with channels, groups, and direct messages.
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Europe Specific Telegram Statistics
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  • 32%
    ITALY 🇮🇹
    In Italy, Telegram has a 32% penetration rate
  • 11%
    AUSTRIA 🇦🇹
    In Austria, 11% of the population uses Telegram.
  • 8 %
    8% of Netherlands people use Telegram. In contrast, only 3% of UK Citizens use Telegram.

2023 © Telegram Statistics
2023 © Telegram Statistics
196 milion
According recent data, Telegram
has 196 milion dayli active users (DAUs)
2,9 hours
An average Telegram users spends around 2.9 hours on the app every month.
Telegram has 58.6% male and 41.4% female users as of 2023

Rules Of Game
Targeted Channel Analysis
We will analyze and gather the most relevant and popular chats and channels for each market to ensure a more effective campaign.
Multilingual Message Localization
We will localize and adapt the Sponsored Message in different languages for diverse audiences. We will set up and manage both the global festival channel and its multilingual versions.
Efficient Budget Management
We will use the budget most efficiently and monitor the progress of the advertising campaign in real-time.
Comprehensive Campaign Reporting
We will provide complete statistics and a detailed report on the advertising campaign in Telegram.
Be One of the First to Promote Festival on Telegram
Unlock the full potential of your festival promotion with Telegram. By leveraging Telegram’s extensive reach and innovative advertising solutions, you can ensure your festival stands out in a crowded market
Unlocking Global Markets: Festival Promotion with Telegram
  • Seamless Integration: Sponsored messages appear directly in users' chat lists, ensuring high visibility without being intrusive.
  • High Engagement: Positioned at the top of chat lists, these messages are among the first things users see.
  • Rich Media Support: Use text, images, and links to create compelling messages that capture attention.
  • Interactive Elements: Include buttons and calls-to-action to drive user engagement and direct them to your festival's website, ticketing page, or Telegram channel.
  • Global Community: Creating a channel and multilingual chats will not only facilitate effective promotion but also provide a strong foundation for building a truly loyal community in the familiar environment of Telegram.
More than just customers: Creating a community of festival fans
Traveling to a foreign festival is always a significant journey that involves extensive planning and preparation. To help people find travel companions, discover the easiest routes, and get answers to all their questions, creating a festival fan community - Telegram chat, can be incredibly beneficial. It's more than just promoting the festival; it's a place where like-minded individuals can come together, assist each other in trip planning, and provide an opportunity to form real friendships, building a community that eagerly anticipates the festival journey and returns to it year after year.
Budget & Fee
Minimum Entry Advertising Budget
— Setting up and launching an advertising campaign in the format of a short sponsored message for display in pre-selected chats/channels.

Per Ad
Minimum CPM Cost approx
— Minimum Cost for 1000 Impressions: €0.70 per 1000 impressions
per 1000 impressions
Full-Service Advertising Campaign
— Ad + creation and promotion of a channel without ad budget
Per month
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