What are some advantages of MARK.SPACE? What differentiates you from other projects combining VR and blockchain technologies?
It's really very simple: The use of VR and blockchain is the only similarity with other projects, while everything else is different. Here are some of our main advantages:

  • High-level readiness, even before the ICO (check our demo to experience it yourself);
  • Cross-platform use: our product runs on practically any platform; any type of smartphone, tablet, desktop PC, and even on Smart-TV.
  • User-friendliness: no knowledge of programming language required to use the platform and to create your own virtual spaces;
  • This project is developed in-house and funded by its founders;

Do I need a VR-headset to use the platform? What type of VR-headsets are supported?
You don't need a VR-headset to use the platform. You will, however, be able to use them in the future, as we are going to support all popular brands of VR-headsets.
Where is your company registered?
Singapore. After carefully analyzing the economic trends and developments, Singapore was chosen as the country to register our company, because their government regulations are very friendly towards cryptocurrencies.
What is your token?
MRK. MRK is a Utility Token.
Are there any restrictions when buying your tokens?
Yes, there are. The maximum amount for buying is 10000 ether or 30 million tokens.
Do you plan to restrict the whales (investors)?
Yes, we will restrict the whales. We fully understand that they will keep the value of the token at their favorable level, which infringes the interests of all other investors. We will do our best to prevent this.
Where I can find more information on your company's events?
For more information about company events and our presence on international conferences, please visit our Facebook, Telegram and/or Twitter.
What is the minimum investment and in what currency?
The minimum transaction is 0.001 ETH (ether), for which you can buy three tokens. The maximum = 10000 ether, or 30 million tokens. To get a free unit in the project, the minimum is 1 ETH.
How do I take part in the ICO?
You can buy tokens for ETH or BTC on the official website of the project www.markspace.io. Never send money to wallets published on our social networks or on any other sources. Only the official website contains the legitimate wallet.
How many funds do you need to attract for the ICO to be successful?
Hard cap - $ 77 300 000
How will tokens be redeemed from the market?
Redemption of tokens from the market will not happen. The MRK token will be fully used within the project.
How will my personal data be protected?
By means of encryption. Either way, your personal data is never involved in transactions, so no one can track your data through a blockchain.
Can I purchase MRK before the ICO?
Yes, you can purchase MRK tokens during our pre-sale.
Which payment methods will be accepted in the ICO?
ETH and BTC.
Where can I read your Whitepaper?
Of course, our Whitepaper is available here.
Can I participate without creating a new wallet?
You can! Our tokens have the ERC20 standard, so you can use your existing ETH wallet to which we will transfer the tokens.
What is the total supply of MRK tokens?
The total supply is (three billion) MRK tokens.
How are tokens secured?
Through the blockchain.
How are user funds secured?
In three stages:

Implementation of the blockchain.
Decentralization of rendering.
Decentralization of file storage.

The demo does not work properly on mobile, how come?
For the mobile version to function properly, follow the instructions "How to correctly use the website". Screenshot
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