Next Generation Internet

Time to Pre-ICO launch

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Next Generation Internet

Time to Pre-ICO launch
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MARK.SPACE is an eco-system allowing users from all over the world to communicate with each other in a social and economic way, create new content, consume goods and services from the platform's other users. This project combines ideas with the most progressive technologies, such as VR/AR (virtual reality/augmented reality), blockchain and smart contracts.
Why Invest Now?
  • 1
    The platform eliminates social obstacles
    Long-distance communication with friends and loved ones has never been easier, as MARK.SPACE removes all barriers between the objective and virtual realities. Express yourself, while making new, useful acquaintances - just like you are used to, in the real world. This is an opportunity to be in any place, at any time.
  • 2
    The platform opens up new business opportunities
    MARK.SPACE creates qualitatively new opportunities for retailers, developers, freelancers and investors, using state-of-the-art VR and 3D technologies.
  • 3
    The platform uses advanced technology
    The platform is based on the latest VR and blockchain technologies, which have the potential to change the quality of people's lives. MARK.SPACE is the next level of product use and consumption.
  • 4
    The platform is one-of-a-kind
    In this context and realization, project MARK.SPACE has seen no equivalents. Our team's efforts; our vision, goals and mission, all contribute to the platform's uniqueness
  • 5
    The platform saves time
    Time is money, as they say, which is why it is more profitable to invest at the initial stage of a project launch. This has to do with the fact that the price per 1 UNIT* grows after every 100K UNITS. By becoming an early investor, you will be able to profitably sell your UNITS in the future (or launch your own VR-empire)!

    *One unit of MARK.SPACE (8х8m = 64 m2) is a space with its own web-address, with an opportunity to connect to an outer domain. UNITS can have different types of functionality.
Social Networks

Their audience exceeds 3 billion people. They have become the primary content consumption and communication channel between users and brands.
There are 1,5 billion of internet-shoppers all over the world, with a total industry market share of $2,6 trillion. The internet has enabled consumers to buy practically anything their heart desires on-line – from products to services.
Virtual Reality
The AR/VR market share is expected to grow from $11,4 billion in 2017 to nearly $215 billion in 2021. VR is so much more than gaming – it's also education, science, the film industry, healthcare, and any other area you can think of, really!
Blockchain – Technology of the Future
Blockchain technology opens its doors to the future of digital economies, where the process of decentralization makes the world adapt to the needs and wishes of people, and not the other way around.

  • May - June Idea formation, MARK.SPACE concept development
  • July - September Marketing research, hypotheses confirmation
  • October - December Preparation of technical assignment for development, team formation

  • January - May Development of Alpha-version engine
  • June - August Launch and test of Alpha-version (Shopping district only)
  • September - November Launch and test of Beta-version (Shopping district only)
  • December Launch Road Show platform for fashion brands

  • January - May Launch first E-commerce projects on platform (fashion E-commerce)
  • June Launch Alpha-versions for Residential, Business and Community districts
  • June - July Concept development decentralization platform MARK.SPACE
  • August - September Implementation study of blockchain solutions for MARK.SPACE platform
  • October WP announcement and pre-ICO launch
  • November ICO launch

  • April Start virtual estate / UNIT sale
  • July Blockchain implementation
  • October Launch Residential district
  • December Launch Business district

  • March Launch Shopping district
  • September Distributed rendering
  • December MOSL language available to developer


  • February Launch Community district
  • April Internal advertising network
Problems & Solutions
  • Lack of VR-Content
    VR-content production (games, video, data, etc.) lags behind consumption. Moreover, VR can be unaffordable due to the equipment costs.

    Solution: MARK.SPACE is an open platform, enabling users to create VR content faster and cheaper and for multi-purpose use, including the commercial ones.
  • VR E-commerce & Market-Place
    There has always been an ongoing demand for having commercial projects virtualized. However, at the current moment it would be too complicated in terms of costs and feasibility to create a full scale virtual store. Moreover, merging these projects is out of question.

    Solution: We have already managed to build a platform along with the tools to launch commercial VR-spaces fast and not too costly.
  • Alternative to Mining
    Miner's demand for alternative capacity use remains a hot issue in the industry.

    Solution: We can render the content for the platform within the existing mining capacity.
  • Social Network Centralization
    Popular social communities along with adversting revenue are owned and managed by one person.

    Solution: If you are a community creator in MARK.SPACE you can choose between three types of community management: "Boss", "Unity", or "Stakeholders". It enables the community to allocate management roles in equal parts and share the income.

  • Distrust of Tokens
    Many companies are blamed for speculative demand only without being backed with assets or even a simple need to use it in projects.

    Solution: Our token is an internal currency. Users and business units can use it to:
    - sell both physical and virtual goods and services;
    - hire employees from the real world and pay them in tokens;
    - create personal spaces, fill out and customise them.

    Miners will get paid in tokens for supporting the platform.
Executive team
  • CEO & Founder
    PhD in Economic Sciences. Buisnesswoman, Investor. 10-years of experience in e-commerce, 7 years in Investment, 4 years in fashion. Launched projects: RealEstateSoft, Capital-M, Moda Mark.
  • Co-Founder and owner of 2 virtual
    spaces within the platform
    Professional Hockey player, three-time winner of Stanley Cup, two-time World Champion.
  • Managing Partner
    Marketer, Entrepreneur, Organizer of public events. 4 years of experience in event marketing, 8 years in internet-marketing. Launched Projects: Monster Mania, Moda Mark.
  • Managing Partner
    IT-entrepreneur with 12 years of experience. Founder «CARBYN Blockchain Group», CCO «Moda Mark» (fashion e-commerce), CCO «Brand57» (digital marketing, web&app development) co-founder «Sunberg» (IT development).
  • Vladislav Utushkin
    Marketer, Entrepreneur
    10+ years of experience in active sales in TOP-3 bank group. 5 years of experience in internet-marketing. CEO & co-founder "RVR Project" (digital marketing, web&app development, IT development). CEO & founder "Only Strategy" (digital strategy construction, consulting, internet-marketing).
  • Vladimir Shliapin
    MSc in Mathematics. 25 years of experience in IT. Launched Project: Site Makers.
  • Alexander Shtankovsky
    Head of Developers, IT-developer
    MSc in Mathematics. 27 years of experience in IT. Launched Project: Site Makers.
  • Siruz Faramarz
    Head of VR & 3D Department
    12 years of experience in production of a 3D visualization, 5 years in product design. Launched Projects: Mall Mark, Mark Space.
Core team
  • Head of Digital Advertising
    Over 12 years of professional experience in marketing, IT- and product management for transnational organizations.
  • Communications Expert, Content Creator
    PhD in Sociology. 10 years of professional experience in Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy & International Government Relations.
  • Communications Manager, Translator
    11 years of experience in linguistics, 5 years in e-commerce, 3 years in startups. Projects launched: CubeOnlineServices, AgriChanges.
  • Editor, Localization, Community Manager
    Over 15 years of experience as Translator/Interpreter
    in IT industry, over 5 years of experience in localization and community management.
  • Asian Region Community Manager
    9 years of professional experience in Marketing in China.
    Launched projects: Agent Provocateur, HYALUAL.
  • Asian Region Community Manager (China)
    Orientalist, 5 years negotiation experience with business partners of Chinese origin, 2 years of experience in IT projects
  • Asian Region Community Manager (Japan)
    SMM Manager, 5 years of translating experience (Japanese/Russian).
  • Asian Region Community Manager, Translator (Japan)
    5 years of experience in commodities trading with Japan, 2 years in Russia's trade mission in Tokyo, 3 years of project management in Japanese automotive industry.
Reserved Spaces
Reserved Spaces
What this token represents
Internal currency (utility token).
Total supply
Initial price

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